Custom Tents

Custom Tents and Canopies

Our Tents are built for any location or occasion. Our existing customers use our products in everything from golf courses to resorts. 

Designers for Olympic Tent are experts at creating custom tents, sized and shaped for any site. Typical applications have included resort and hotel properties, golf courses, decks, elevated patios, tennis courts, landscape gardens, pools and scientific research ponds. Interior courtyards can be custom fit to maximize their use and create all-weather environments.

Count on Olympic Tent to create the ideal custom tent solution for your needs. Olympic Tent, proving our role as industry leaders, introduced the original keder slide-in frame system. Structural strength is a concern for all tent users, so Olympic Tent introduced our exclusive Maxi Tube family to meet or exceed your structural requirements for high peak tents and custom tents of all sizes. Maxi frames can even be used to work with your existing tent frames to add the features of slide-in tops and greater structural integrity. The tent also installs much faster, improving your profits.

Custom Tents Examples